July 24th is World Ivermectin Day.

Set the date. End the plague.

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Ivermectin Coin is the first cryptocurrency to fully integrate both for-profit and non-profit functionality.

We aim to facilitate worldwide cooperation between a number of organizations leading the real fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, to include both the medical fight to save lives, and the legal fight against senseless tyranny. The coin is also designed to be accepted as payment by practitioners and pharmacies that do not ascribe to policies designed to hurt and kill COVID-19 and vaccine injured patients. Good help is hard to find. We aim to make it easier.

16% of the active coins, approximately 10 million, are privately held and traded in the pool. The other 84% are held in 10 wallets, of 5 million coins each. Via these wallets, joint and shared control of the entire funding pool is to be awarded to 10 leading organizations across the world, to help counter the job losses, censorship, slander and cancelling they have suffered for speaking the truth, and to empower them to end this pandemic once and for all.

There is no reason that a contribution to the cause shouldn’t have the potential to be profitable. We are trying to save humanity. With this in mind, we expect the recipient organizations (“participants”) to be respectful of their contributors (“holders”) profit motives. To achieve this, the following structures are to be implemented by any organization that accepts access to the pool:

  1. The use of a “withdrawal” wallet: all coins to be traded out of the pool by participants shall first be placed in a single withdrawal wallet, which will serve as advance notice to holders, of the amount to be withdrawn from the pool;
  2. Cooperative joint control of the pool, for the common cause: These funds are to be used towards efforts to end the pandemic, whatever form that takes, in the sole and joint judgment of each participant and the cooperative as a whole;
  3. A commitment from participants to collectively only access a small portion of the available funding at any given time. A fixed amount or percentage may be voluntarily agreed upon, either by participants or as a whole, as they see fit.
  4. Transparency: A commitment to provide public detail of the use of pool funding, whether before or after the fact, the degree of which to be determined and disclosed as each participant sees fit.

If you are a practitioner or a pharmacy operator that does not refuse your patients effective COVID-19 treatment, please contact us for listing and assistance with payment integration. Your patients will be grateful.


Buy Ivermectin Coin!

On World Ivermectin Day, it is our aim (though not necessarily that of our participants) to coordinate a mass, simultaneous prophylaxis campaign, across as much of the world as we can reach, with a view to total eradication of COVID-19, and a permanent end to this pandemic. Unlike the presently available vaccines, the below prophylactic therapeutics can stop infection and transmission.

Speak to your doctor, your family, your friends, your workplace and your community: if we all do this together, the pandemic could be over within a week. There is precedent for this. Every year, billions of doses of ivermectin have been freely provided across the world, in eradication campaigns against river blindness and other parasitic diseases, to great effect.

That’s all we have to do!

Speak to your doctor about using any of the effective prophylactics below. Everybody is different, and some generally safe medications may be unsuitable or unsafe for some; nothing on this page should be construed as personal medical advice. You may or may not be aware that corruption has run utterly rampant throughout the academic and medical communities. If your doctor is still of the opinion that there is nothing to be done for COVID-19, find a new doctor. Your life might depend on it.



400 micrograms per kilogram, rounded to the nearest 3mg. Numerous countries have gone to extreme lengths to ban ivermectin. If corporate pharmacies in your area are refusing to fill your doctor’s script, try one that accepts Ivermectin Coin! More trials have been completed, and more evidence exists that ivermectin is effective for COVID-19, than any other drug for any other condition in history. Period.


Three cups of strong green tea, and 50 milligrams of zinc. The easiest option of them all. Green tea contains EGCG, which acts similarly to other zinc ionophores insofar as allowing zinc to enter cells and destroy viral RNA. Even if your friends or loved ones are skeptical of any medications, who doesn’t like a cup of green tea?


10000 IU. Vitamin D has been sadly overlooked for a long time. It enables our innate immune system to attack and destroy viruses and infected cells before the infection can spread. Low Vitamin D levels are strongly correlated with hospitalization data; the less vitamin D, the more likely a person is to end up in the hospital. While it is not proven to fully prevent disease or transmission, sufficient levels of Vitamin D can dramatically shorten the course of disease and reduce opportunities for the virus to spread.


600 milligrams of hydroxychloroquine and 50 milligrams of zinc. A year on, the dust has settled – and it has been proven to be extremely effective, after all. Medications are not supposed to be political. It works.


8 milligrams, three times per day. It works by inhibiting the virus’ ability to enter cells, by preventing TMPRSS2 spike protein cleavage, and has a very short lived effect.